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Our Approach to Litigation

We recognize that each of our clients has unique needs. While every corporate client will invariably have special requirements, we find that many share common goals in the defense of personal injury litigation, including:

  • Early analysis
  • Prompt reporting
  • Efficient representation and quick resolution of claims
  • Results

Through our extensive experience, we have learned to listen to our clients and help them meet their goals by understanding their individual requirements.

We have also learned throughout our experience in the personal injury defense field, specifically, that there is no single approach to a defense strategy that will satisfy every client. Every case we work on is assigned to a partner with specific experience in the area of law involved. Our firm believes in adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Every assignment received after service of the summons and complaint will be analyzed by the partner in charge. A litigation plan of action outlining pre-trial proceedings will be provided at the outset of litigation.
  • Each case will be treated individually. You will be made aware of the defense planned for each action well in advance and will have the opportunity to review and discuss the plan with us before its implementation.
  • Every effort will be made to force the early resolution of all pending lawsuits. While a certain number of claims can be dismissed on motion, dispositive motions of this nature will be prepared only with your prior knowledge and consent.
  • We know that there is no universal approach to defense strategy that will satisfy every client. We recognize that discovering your needs is a continuing process and constitutes the first and most vital step in providing the services that you require.

Our intent is not to tell you what we have done in the past, but rather, to listen to you and learn what we can do to meet your needs. Our clients have access to the home and cell phone numbers of each of our partners, who are available for consultation on a 7- day a week, 24-hours per day basis.

Early intervention and investigation is the key to establishing settlement policies which will benefit our clients. Many issues will arise during the pendency of any claim, so it is vital to conduct an early investigation and to evaluate the matter at this stage. During pre-trial proceedings, every case is treated individually to minimize the expense of discovery proceedings without compromising the defense of an action.

In many instances, key witnesses are interviewed by our partners and senior associates within days after an occurrence that could give rise to litigation. All available medical records are reviewed at the earliest stage possible to enable us to determine whether an action is one of liability. We believe that all full liability cases should be settled as quickly as possible, both to reduce the cost of settlement and of legal expenses.

Should the litigation proceed to trial, our attorneys will appear daily, where they will work to bring matters to a final conclusion well within the expectations of our clients. Following the trial outcome, we will advise you immediately whether an appeal should be taken from an order or judgment, and we will take all steps necessary to perfect the appeal.

Our Appellate Department will also keep your management advised of current trends and changes in the law as they occur. It is extremely important that there be close communication between the partner in charge of the litigation and the person or persons in charge of risk or claims management. We believe in ensuring the client is promptly informed of every important development which occurs during the course of each lawsuit.

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